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Easy Start: Internet Marketing


We kindly invite you to participate in the free webinar "Internet Marketing: Easy Start". In this  webinar, we will talk about the relevance of promoting and services on the Internet and will learn about what methods of attracting visitors to the site are the most effective. Using the example of search results, you will learn to distinguish the types of traffic, learn about the prospects that the profession of Internet marketer opens up for you and why you should learn this profession from us!


The language of the reports is Russian.
Meeting place- Google Meet
Meeting time- 19:00-21:00
Mail you need to specify Gmail


Key Topics:
- The relevance of internet marketing for business founders
- Growth of the internet marketing market
- Types of attracting users to the site
- Analysis of search results and analysis of traffic types
- Job prospects of an internet marketer
- Unique offers from our training center


Olesya Yeremenko
- Certified Internet Marketer
- Internet Marketing Instructor at (Parallax Group)

You cannot register because the event is over : 2021-11-26