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3ds Max

Autodesk 3ds Max Essentials

Course Description:

Autodesk 3ds Max is a powerful all-purpose software, for digital content creation. In this essentials course, we will start with the basics of the interface, how to manipulate objects, and navigate in 3D space. For a strong overview of the modeling tools available, we will employ numerous techniques, such as splines, polygons, and subdivision surfaces. To set the scene, we will explore core techniques of camera and layout, we will see how to illuminate our world with photometric lights and natural daylight. No 3D rendering is complete without materials and textures, so we will bring color to our world using the slate material editor. From there, we will progress to building Hierarchies, Rigging, Skinning, simple key frame animation, more complex layer base animation, Hair Styling, Particle System, Space Warps and finish up by Rendering.

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Create 3D models of hard surface and organic shapes
  • Strengthen them with a bone system (Rigging)
  • Regulate skin deformities (Skinning)
  • Create animation of 3D models
  • Use hairs, fur and other visual effects
  • Rendering with Arnold software

As a result, you will get:

  • Autodesk 3ds Max initial knowledge to create 3D models, that you can use in the production of games, virtual reality and the video industry
  • AUTODESK International Certificate

The curriculum of each training course can be modified and supplemented in accordance with the interests and requirements of customers.