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Free Course Autodesk Maya and Unity Level Design


Are you interested in video game development, do you want to create 3D models, and use them in your game worlds?
Now you have the opportunity to participate in the free four-day course “Autodesk Maya and Unity Level Design” organized by Parallax Group. By participating in this intensive course, you will learn the basics of 3D modeling, level design, also you will make your first steps in the field of Media Entertainment, and will get acquainted with one of the most
popular professions. During this course, we will learn how to create simple models with Autodesk Maya software using modeling tools, how to export models to Unity Engine and starting level design, and will figure out who level design artists are and what is artists’ role in game development?

Who can participate:
All interested persons over 15 years of age who have creative thinking and good imagination


How to participate:
- Registration for the course is open until January 28, inclusive
- Only enter Gmail in the registration address field
- Reference from the educational institution

Course details:
Application deadline - January 28, 2022
Course start - February 1, 2022
Program duration - 1 week /6-8 hours/
Course cost - Free
Language of the course - Armenian
Format - Online
Meeting place - Google Meet
Meeting time - 19:00-21:00


Main topics:
- Autodesk Maya Introduction
- Maya modeling tools
- Unity Engine Introduction
- Creation of Terrain
- General lighting regulation
- Work with materials
- Creating pictures of the final results

Sona Babayan
- Autodesk Certified Instructor (Parallax Group)

You cannot register because the event is over : 2022-01-28